Exosomes Therapy Specialist Doctor NYC

Exosomes anti-aging injection therapy is offered by the best in class triple board certified doctor, Sue Decotiis, MD, at her NYC (Midtown Manhattan), NY medical practice. Exosomes are a next-generation regenerative anti-aging medical therapy which signal to our other cells how to perform optimally and keep our bodies (and face) young and healthy. 

What exactly are exosomes? Exosome therapy is one of the most contemporary anti-aging treatments being studied. Medical research has demonstrated that the cell-to cell communication within one’s body is imperative in maintaining optimal health. Exosomes therapy boosts stem cell growth and helps stimulate healthy tissue growth, heal injuries, and fight disease.

Dr. Sue is the perfect physician for anything that ails you! She is always caring, knowledgeable, and an excellent diagnostician. She has never kept me waiting, nor ever made me feel rushed. She gives 100% and I recommend her wholeheartedly. ~ Google

It is believed that exosomes therapy works best when combined with hormone replacement therapy and peptides therapy

How is exosome therapy administered? For regenerative therapy, exosomes are administered via injections.

Exosome therapy may aid in:

  • Anti-aging purposes
  • Regenerative cosmetics: wrinkles, skin, lips and hair
  • Joint ailments such as arthritis 
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Muscle fatigue / muscle weakness
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Sleep disorders
  • Lyme disease
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Patients with chronic inflammation
  • Assist with wound recovery

For more information on medical exosome therapy:

If you have any questions for the NYC Doctor in regards to Exosome Therapy or would like to make a consultation with the anti-aging specialist, Sue Decotiis, MD, please contact the Doctor’s NYC office.