liposonix nyc, fat reduction nyc, body sculpting nycLiposonix® treatments are offered by Sue Decotiis, MD at he NYC medical practice. Liposonix is an alternative to the plastic surgery procedure “liposuction” but is designed for men and women who do not want to opt for surgery. The FDA approved treatments is approved to lose 1 inch of fat in 1 session.* The technology is cutting-edge and the NYC doctor’s patients rave about the absolutely remarkable results.


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Liposonix® is a non-surgical, non-invasive fat reduction and body contouring treatment that yields unbelievable results for patients who are treated with this safe and effective medical device.*

Technically “speaking” LipoSonix when performed by the NYC Doctor works by focusing high intensity ultrasound laser beams on your targeted fatty areas causing permanent disruption of fat cells without damaging the surrounding or underlying tissues. Dr. Sue Decotiis was the fist doctor in NYC to offer this ultra-modern technology to her patients. Her experience with the medical device allows her to custom-designed fat reduction treatment to target specific areas of fat resulting in reduction of hard-to-get-rid-of, stubborn fatty pockets.

The LipoSonix® treatment used by the NYC Liposonix Treatment Doctor was developed after nine years of research and testing. In studies, the LipoSonix® treatment treated the targeted fat without affecting any surrounding tissue.

The LipoSonix® medical device uses ultrasound energy that eliminates abdominal fat just beneath the skin. There is little to no downtime associated with this treatment due to its non-surgical nature. Meaning, you can actually have a fat reduction on your lunch break, if you elect, and go right back to work.*

Frequently Asked Question About Liposonix:

  • How many Liposonix treatments are need to see results?  Only one medically supervised Liposonix treatment per area for 1-4 inches loss is required.* In areas where excessive fat is present, you can perform up to 3 Liposonix treatment sessions approximately 2-3 months apart.
  • What does a Liposonix treatment really feel like?  The NYC Liposonix patients state that a treatment feels like a deep heating sensation. If you are worried about the discomfort you may experience or have a very low pain tolerance please speak about this with Sue Decotiis, MD during your consultation. The doctor may prescribe a low-grade pain killer for you to take prior to your session.
  • How long does the Liposonix treatment take at the doctor’s NYC Medical practice?  This safe FDA treatment approve for fat reduction and body sculpting only takes one hour to complete.*
  • What will my skin look like after the treatment and how will I really feel?  The skin will continue to feel warm for up to 24 hours; many patients report that the warming sensation is somewhat comforting. The skin will appear red for approximately 24 hours (this will vary from case to case) and bruising may appear for up to 7 days (but is typically unlikely). Arnica is suggested in order to subside the bruising and the tenderness associated with it. Other than the local sensation on the area treated, you should be able to return to normal activities after treatment but it is suggested to take it easy for a day or two.
  • When will I start to see results – when will I notice that my fat is gone?  The Liposonix technology immediately starts to destroy the fat cells during treatment. The body will take 1-3 months in order to start breaking down the fat cells and disposing of them. Most patients see results within the month and the results proceed to get better and better.* The optimal results will start being seen within 3 months.* If your BMI is outside of the recommended range, your optimal results will occur the months after your third treatment.

If you have any questions for the best in class NYC Doctor in regards to Liposonix or would like a  consultation with  the doctor, please contact Sue Decotiis, MD’s NYC medical weight loss office in NYC for a consultation.