Perimenopause Hormone Replacement Treatments

Perimenopause Hormone Replacement Therapy Treatments

Perimenopause is medically defined as the natural transition period before menopause happens. Periomenopause is inevitable and all women will go through this uncomfortable change. Periomenopause is symptomatic of hormonal imbalance and fluctuations and you do not need to suffer through this transition. The Board Certified Doctor / Bioidenticial Hormone Replacement Therapy Doctor offers Permionopause Hormone Replacement Therapy treatments at her NYC medical practice.

For the majority of women, changes in their hormone levels begin as early as their mid to late thirties, though they may not be noticeably symptomatic until their early to mid forties.

The most common perimenopause symptoms that can be controlled with Perimenopause Bioidenticial Hormone Replacement Therapy include:*

  • loss of sex drive
  • fatigue
  • weight gain
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • moody
  • hot flashes
  • night sweats
  • mood swings
  • vaginal dryness
  • irritability

Sometimes the symptoms of perimenopause can be somewhat similar to other hormone imbalances; most commonly thyroid disorders, so it is imperative if you are experience these symptoms and discomfort to make a complementary Perimenopause Hormone Replacement Treatments consultation with Sue Decotiis, MD so she can properly diagnose you, alleviate your symptoms, and help you gain your sense of well being back.

If you have any questions for NYC Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Doctor in reagards to Perimeonpause Bioidenticial Hormone Replacement Therapy Treatments, please contact Sue Decotiis, MD at her NYC Hormone Replacement Therapy office for a consultation.